Who are they?

who are they ?

Alex Evans is a UK model, and i think a emo 'Love his style'

James Cheal is a emo singer, he is so awesome <3

Nicki Minaj one of the first great female rappers, everybody loves her because she have a special look.

Katy Perry a singer i love her because she is very real, and not a wannebe star.

Chris Brown  a singer whose love everyone and his life.



let's start with myself.

Hii, i'm a girl from the netherlands.

I'm 15 years old, I'm in high school third grade.

i love a lot of things like music, Katy Perry, Chris Brown, food, unicorns, Alex  Evans, Rainbows, Nicki Minaj, My Friends, James Cheal..

But I also hate things, like school, homework, bullying, rain, bitches etc.



thankyouu! xo'